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BELLA GRACE, a superior luxury & lifestyle brand developed by some of the greatest minds in the industry. We offer proprietary, results-driven beauty products that meet the challenge of infinite diversity from women and men world-wide.

Beauty comes from within and exists in all of us. This inspires BELLA GRACE to develop products with the highest standards of quality, efficacy, safety and responsibility.


Since Meredith Bilbro was a young girl, she has always had a love and passion for the cosmetics and beauty world. This passion led her to becoming a professional makeup artist for over 20 years. She has traveled extensively, working with some of the best artists in the world.

With the name, “Bella Grace” in her heart and mind for over twenty years, Meredith’s ultimate professional dream has always been to create her own beauty line.

In late 2020, Meredith’s husband, Brian took the vision of Meredith creating her own beauty line through affiliate marketing to a few business contacts, namely Kristina Kajic. Kristina immediately saw the Bilbro’s vision and what Bella Grace could be on a global scale.

Having a keen understanding of the “influencer marketing” business model, Kristina proposed the idea, “What if we could combine the traditional affiliate marketing model with the influencer marketing model?” At that moment, they knew they were on to something big: a new business model that would take the world by storm, a true game changer.

Meredith and Kristina’s shared passion for empowering others plus their common love for the wellness and beauty world made this a perfect union. Ultimately, they both said, “Let’s partner up and do this!” It is their goal to succeed by helping others, empowering the entrepreneurs of the world and promising that everyone will have a seat at the Bella Grace table.

Their partnership and vision were enthusiastically embraced by strategic business relationships with over 100+ years of combined experience and the process of building Bella Grace quickly began. Working hundreds of hours with chemists and formulators to bring the most unique and top-quality lifestyle beauty products to market has solidified the commitment that Bella Grace will only represent the absolute best products as they share their elite brand with the world.

Meredith Bilbro


Brian Bilbro


Kristina Kajic