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Bella Grace’s Collagen Elixir contains what no other collagen product does: the world’s most clinically proven VERISOL ® Collagen combined with AstaReal ® Astaxanthin and Cat’s Claw. This proprietary blend helps regulate the processes that reconstruct collagen, as well as offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

30 packets per box

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You deserve beauty.
You deserve Bella Grace.
VERISOL, AstaReal, Cat's Claw

  • Product Details

    Beauty From Within: The Promise Of Collagen

    Ingestible collagen has created a huge buzz in the beauty from within market. Knowing that collagen quality is quite variable, Bella Grace mandated that its Collagen Elixir contained Verisol® - the world’s best and most clinically studied form of collagen. Simply put, you deserve the best.

    Next, in Bella Grace’s quest to create the best skin health product it again turned to science, posing the question “What other approaches can we use to maximize benefits”. The science was clear to Bella Grace. What we needed was to combine Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides with other botanical ingredients that drove two critical, additional actions.

    First, we included in our unique, exclusive formula AstaReal® astaxanthin, a powerful carotenoid from a microalgae. Collagen is like a beautiful pearl necklace but when it is ingested it is broken down into individual pearls. However, in order to regenerate healthy collagen, you have to restring all these pearls back into a magnificent, healthy pearl necklace. This is where astaxanthin shines. Beyond its incredibly powerful free radical scavenging actions, astaxanthin actively recruits the enzymes that regenerate collagen from the individual amino acids. Other products simply neglect this critical step. It is not enough to just ingest the pearls. To be fully effective the body must actively reconnect the pearls to make a beautiful pearl necklace. Astaxanthin excels in this process. Next, Bella Grace knew there was another area that must be optimized. With DF aging and exposure to UV radiation the body releases enzymes, called MMPs, whose job is to chop up collagen into little pieces like a molecular machete. When MMPs are active, your skin cannot create more collagen indeed it is actively breaking collagen down. The solution to rebalancing collagen health is to shutdown MMPs, ensuring that repair and collagen regeneration is fully optimized. So how do you control MMPs? Here Bella Grace turned to a revered medicinal plant from the Amazon Rainforest, a vine called Cat’s claw. Our research has shown that Cat’s claw is remarkably effective in limiting collagen breakdown in response to cytokines and oxidative stress.

    This unique focus of Bella Grace, the triple benefits of Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides combined with AstaReal® astaxanthin and the botanical treasure, Cat’s claw is what sets Bella Grace Collagen Elixir apart. This exclusive formula approaches beauty from within from the perspective of superior science, with the best ingredients available that work in synergy to give you optimal skin health.

    You deserve BEAUTY. You deserve BELLA GRACE.

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You deserve BEAUTY. You deserve BELLA GRACE.

Ingestible collagen has created a huge buzz in the beauty from within market. Knowing that collagen quality is quite variable, Bella Grace mandated that its Collagen Elixir contained Verisol® - the world’s best and most clinically studied form of collagen. Simply put, you deserve the best.



aGeorgia Perkins

A really tasty way to get my collagen and in the two weeks I have been using the product I can feel the difference. Not just skin but my joints and well-being. Love the science behind the product. Out of the gate I have become a huge fan. So impressed.

bAmanda Griess

In just 5 day trial of using the elixir, my joints in knees were not hurting!!! Amazing product!!

cChase R.

I love how this collagen comes in a small pouch that is easy to use and travel with as opposed to a tub of powder with other brands. In comparison to other collagens, I have noticed my skin is much better as well as my nails in just 5 days. It even tastes great!

dTracey R.

Within a week, I experienced the BellaGrace collagen difference. Healthier/shiny hair, stronger nails, comfortable joints and glowing skin. I love the product and its rapid results. Love this collagen!

eHolly Mills

Wow!! By day five I noticed my age spots lightning on the back of my hands! I also really noticed my skin becoming much softer, less dry & more hydrated. After having back surgery five years ago, I am SO happy to experience no back pain when I wake up anymore & just feeling stronger in my body! Loving this elixir!!

fJennifer Bradshaw

I’ve used a few collagens over the past few years with out much change. I was introduced to Bella Graces and elixir a few weeks ago, the changes I’ve seen in my skin and hair have blown me away, especially my hair…I think it grew 2 inches over the last 3 weeks, my hair stylist will love me!! So excited to have this magical elixir in my life.

gStarr Jensen

I have issues with high inflammation in my body. I put this elixir to the test, as I went back to the gym for the 1st time in 5 years! Adding weights to my routine, of course I was sore the next day lol but instead of feeling like I needed an anti inflammatory to take the edge off my pain, I consumed THIS amazing Collagen and within about 15 minutes, I could feel my body working with this product. The inflammation in my hands, right knee, and entire body to be honest subsided. I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt … l was back at the gym the next day. Muscle and joint recovery with this product is REAL & it is amazing!

hMayabess Brown

I was sent a 15 day sample pack!

dreaming of getting this liquid gold back!

Who's ready for the most amazing collagen elixir?

My 15 day experience led to
lighter age spots
energy boost
Skin has tightened a bit hydrated skin!
No more caking lotion on my tattoos!
No more dry flakey hands In 15 days!
Seeing new hair growth already!

3rd generation collagen
It's not your typical collagen

iAnn Ihrie

This collagen is absolutely amazing! I started seeing a difference in my skin and especially my hair within the first two weeks. As a woman with thinning hair, this is such a blessing! The flavor is fabulous and so convenient in the individual packets. No mixing needed! I can't wait to see and feel the long term results! Bella Grace collagen elixir is definitely Best of the Best!

jMaranda Higginbotham

Being in my 50's and understanding how important collagen is to my overall health, I've tried almost everything out there. Until now, I have never seen a huge difference with any collagen product. I just knew supposedly good for me so would take it. Now, I can say I FINALLY say I found something that is making a difference for me! Thank you Bella Grace for helping my skin glow and knees feel better! This is a product I will never be without!

kJennifer Mangum

I noticed something was happening to my skin literally within the first 3-5 days. Within the first 30 days, I noticed the skin on my face is more plump and supple and GLOWING. Fine lines are softer and less noticeable. My hands look younger, softer and smoother. Even my husband noticed a difference with the skin in my body. He said it was definitely softer! All wins in my book! I cannot wait to see what happens over time with continued use! Thank You Bella Grace!

lBarbara Ryan

I can't believe after using so many different skincare products to do what this elixir did in the shortest amount of time. I am seeing age spots decrease, fine lines and wrinkles softened, those lines on my neck that used to be such a pain have disappeared. Not to mention I just overall feel better in my joints and all over!

mJocelyn Tiana

As a Mother of three & woman entrepreneur I'm always on the go & definitely busy. Getting older plus being a mom takes a lot of your energy. But with Bella Grace collagen elixir makes it so much better the taste is Exquisite, easy to take with you wherever & with the clinical studies I know it will help me feel healthier & look better. Choosing Bella Grace was one of the best decisions I have made for my body, health and beauty.

nKelli H

Bella Grace Collagen Elixir, right out of the refrigerator, amazing convenience, the consistency, and flavor.

oDr. Mark Luckie

From the moment I saw the packaging, I thought Bella Grace was something special. But then, when I opened it and immediately tasted it, I KNEW it was special. No mixing powder with water and no clean up. From the great taste of the collagen elixir to the ease of delivery system to the fast acting absorption of the collagen, this will be easy to adopt into my busy lifestyle knowing I am giving my body the best of the best proven by over 80 clinical trials.

pJe Heacox

I work long 12 hour shifts. It is hard to find the time to take care of myself. The BellaGrace Elixir is so convenient for my life. It is easy to pack, easy to use, and tastes amazing. And with all of the clinical studies done on the Elixir, I know I am only putting the best into my body.

qJennifer Maddox

I have a very busy profession in the beauty industry so convenience is key. I love the ease and taste of this collagen elixir. I feel very confident in all of the clinical trials that prove it is a high quality product with the best delivery system. The Bella Grace Elixir is a daily regime for me now.

rGrace Hao

With the Bella Grace Elixer, I feel like I am giving my body a daily gift that my present and future self can thank me for. Blessed to have been introduced to this innovative collagen and grateful for the option to conveniently share the good news with others.

sJosh H

I’ve used several collagen brands in the past and haven’t found a product where I really noticed a difference. With BG Collagen Elixir I felt different within 4-5 days. My skin is already changing and I have more energy and just feel better. My joint stiffness is completely gone as well.

tJenna Lang Warford

After using this for 2 weeks, the skin on my decolletage area was NOTICEABLY more resilient! It no longer had that "thin" feeling. Before trying Bella Grace's Collagen Elixir I'd added "high quality" collagen to my coffee for over a year and not noticed a significant difference. I REFUSE TO RUN OUT OF THIS PRODUCT!!!

uAngela Ramirez

This product is amazing! It's now a part of my daily routine! Thank you Bella Grace.